How Long To Cook Chicken Thighs In Oven

The flavorful, juicy meat of chicken thighs has made them a go-to ingredient for both amateur and professional cooks. Preparing chicken thighs is a safe bet whether you’re making dinner for the family or hosting a dinner party. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll learn all about chicken thighs, from what they are to why baking them is the best method of preparation.

What are chicken thighs?

Thigh meat is taken from the bottom portion of the chicken’s leg, between the drumstick and the body. Dark meat, which may be found in these cuts, has a hearty and satisfying flavor. Thighs are preferred to breasts because they have a larger fat content and hence are less likely to dry out when cooked.

Why cook chicken thighs in the oven?

There are several benefits to roasting chicken thighs in the oven. For starters, it’s an easy approach that always produces delectable final products with no effort required. Second, the chicken thighs get crispy on the outside while staying juicy on the inside thanks to the oven’s dry heat. Oven cooking is also convenient since you can do other things in the kitchen while the chicken thighs are in the oven.

Basic Cooking Directions

In the oven, how long should chicken thighs cook for?

Conventional Ovens

The recommended cooking time for chicken thighs in a standard oven is 35 to 45 minutes at a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius). It is essential to use a meat thermometer to make sure the chicken thighs are cooked to the right internal temperature, which can vary depending on their size.

Electric Ovens

To cook chicken thighs in an electric oven, follow the instructions for your specific model of oven. Cooking at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) for 35 to 45 minutes is still the recommendation. Repeatedly, a meat thermometer is the most reliable method for checking doneness.

Temperature needed for optimal cooking of chicken thighs

Chicken thighs should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees for optimal results. To guarantee the chicken is safe to consume, the USDA advises cooking it to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius).

Time and temperature guidelines for different types of cooking methods for chicken thighs (e.g., baking, roasting, broiling)

Baking: Chicken thighs are often baked in the oven. Bake the thighs for 35 to 45 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius).

When chicken thighs are roasted, the process is identical to baking except that the oven temperature is raised to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). Roast them for 30–40 minutes, or until the internal temperature is correct.

The broiler is a high-intensity, low-time cooking method. Broil the chicken thighs for 8 to 10 minutes per side, watching carefully to ensure they don’t burn.

Tips for Making Perfectly Cooked Chicken Thighs

Prepare the oven for the chicken thighs by preheating it.

To get uniform cooking results, preheating the oven is a necessary step. The chicken thighs can begin cooking at the ideal temperature right away, improving their texture and flavor. Never put chicken in the oven before it has reached the proper temperature.

With the aid of a thermometer, ensure the chicken is cooked all the way through

Any serious home cook should have a high-quality meat thermometer. Put the thermometer into the thickest portion of the flesh, away from any bone, to make sure the chicken thighs are cooked thoroughly. A safe internal temperature for chicken thighs is 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius).

Avoid overcooking the pieces of meat

When chicken thighs are overcooked, the meat becomes dry and rough. you avoid this, make sure you use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your food at the conclusion of cooking. When the chicken thighs have reached the desired doneness inside, take them out of the oven.


Learning how to cook chicken thighs in the oven is a talent that can open doors in the kitchen. Following our detailed advice, you can confidently prepare these succulent slices of dark meat to perfection, and enjoy the wide range of flavors they offer.

Keep in mind that baking chicken thighs is a simple and reliable cooking method that always yields tasty meat. Perfectly cooked chicken thighs can be consistently achieved by familiarity with cooking times and temperatures, the use of a meat thermometer, and the use of the aforementioned tips.

Don’t be afraid to venture into the delicious world of oven-baked chicken thighs the next time you’re making meal plans. You’ll soon be able to cook like a poultry master after reading this book and putting the advice it contains into practice in the kitchen. Enjoy your meal!

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